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You turned on an appliance but it is not working. Ah, the safety on the outlet has been tripped. There are many reasons why this happens but the main reason is an overload on that particular circuit, like the Griswolds. There may also be a short circuit problem which happens when a hot wire contacts a neutral wire. This is serious as it can start a house fire. Your breaker board should trip by default but it would be wise to have a professional take a look at your system in general.

Key Takeaways:

  • In case of circuit overload, let the circuit cool down, unplug a few items, and flip the breaker.
  • If you fear a short circuit is to blame, leave the breaker off and call an electrician.
  • In less common instances, the breaker may be faulty or the person may be trying to switch the wrong breaker.

“There are many reasons that circuit breakers can trip and knowing these reasons can help you to figure out why you are not able to reset the breaker.”

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