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Residential home fires are often caused by faulty electrical wiring. There are many things that can go wrong resulting in catastrophic consequences. Wires in older houses are most likely outdated and unable to keep up with the demand of new appliances and devices. Still, the biggest number of electrical fires start in the area of outlets that are often faulty and ungrounded. Prevention includes frequent inspection and those are best done by licensed professionals. Other than wiring, space heaters are also common fire starters and they should never be left running unattended.

Key Takeaways:

  • Outdated electrical wiring can cause house fires because this leads to circuit breaker overloads as well as power outages.
  • Most electrical fires start in the outlets and to prevent this we can use GFCI outlets which help prevent shorts.
  • To protect your family, make sure not to use electronics that have frayed or broken wires, and install a smoke detector in your home.

“Did you know most electrical fires start in outlets? Ungrounded outlets are more likely to spark, form an electrical arc, or catch on fire. Even grounded outlets can start a fire if the wiring behind them loosens. GFCI outlets can help prevent fires by tripping the circuit in the event of a short.”

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