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Commercial and industrial businesses have enormous electrical demands and can’t function without a stable electricity supply system. If an electrical system fails or is interrupted, all operations stop, resulting in costly downtime. An up-to-date system is literally keeping the lights on.

There’s no doubt electricity is an integral part of business, but unforeseen issues still pop up even with regular maintenance. Here are some of the things that indicate you need a wiring upgrade:

  • Recurrent electrical issues: When there are too many electrical problems within a facility, it is an indication that something is off. This includes things like frequent circuit breaker trips indicating an electrical overload.
  • Flickering lights: The lights may either dim or flicker unexpectedly. Inadequate voltage or loose connections are some of the potential causes here.
  • Frequent blown fuses: This shows that the system can’t handle all the industrial or commercial electrical demands.
  • Electrical sparks or fires: It could be a burning odor, noticeable sparks, or charred outlets. All these are safety hazards.
  • Overheating: Your electrical panel, outlets, and appliances may feel hot, pointing to critical wiring issues. It is a sign of an overstressed system that can barely handle the energy usage. An inspection helps identify all the underlying problems. Excess heat can damage the insulation, leading to sparks. Electrical fires can arise from this.
  • Power disruptions: Loose wiring could be the culprit if the commercial or industrial facility experiences frequent outages. An inspection and upgrade can sort the issue out and enhance reliability.
  • High energy costs: An inefficient electrical system leads to high energy bills. Therefore, unexpected spikes may indicate the need for an upgrade.
  • Inadequate supply: As a business grows, so do the energy demands. For example, more things have to be plugged in to keep the extra processes running efficiently. Upgrade the wiring to meet the current demands.
  • Old wiring: Businesses in older buildings usually have older wiring systems that were built for a vastly different industry and under different safety codes. Upgrade any wiring older than 20 years.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you have circuit breakers that are tripping often, you may need updated wiring and a new electrical panel.
  • Flickering lights are another warning sign, especially if accompanied by buzzing or humming.
  • The inefficiency of old wiring may show up in higher electrical bills.

“Below are some of the signs you may notice that will warn you it’s time to call us for upgrades to your commercial/industrial electrical system.”

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