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As working from home has become more popular, it’s important to consider whether home wiring is sufficient for home office needs. Recently built residential homes usually have enough amperage and may only need additional outlets and better lighting. Some new home offices have wall outlets with built-in USB ports. For lighting, it may be necessary to call an electrician for the installation of ceiling boxes. Unlike newer homes, older homes often aren’t good candidates for DIY work. Wiring may not be properly grounded, or the main panel may not be able to handle upgrades. Calling a licensed electrician is the safest solution.

Key Takeaways:

  • A popular option when it comes to home offices is having wall outlets that have USB ports built in which means you won’t need USB adapters anymore.
  • If your room isn’t bright enough, a simple fix is just to add a floor or desk lamp that can be plugged into a wall outlet.
  • In older homes, a major issue is grounding because the wires are typically grounded improperly. This can cause issues that need to be evaluated and fixed by an electrician.

“Newer homes, in general, are going to be easy to adapt to a modern home office because of the way they’re wired.”

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