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Studies indicate that a home is burglarized approximately every 18 seconds. Simply being at home is not enough of a deterrent as nearly 1/3 of all home robberies occur when people are present and some include violence towards the owners as well. Home security systems appear to be the key to protecting your home from being burglarized. Having the appropriate connection for the home security system is important. Landlines offer a cheaper connection option, though are the easiest to be disable. Broadband connections are harder to disable though that comes with a higher price tag. Finally, cellular connections offer the most reliability, if your area is in a cellular coverage zone, and speed, but will again be more expensive. All three connections will offer some sort of monitoring so that the company or possibly law enforcement can come to your aid if a break-in were attempted. Depending on whether you rent or own a home, some of these may not be available and should be added to your consideration when determining what home security system is right for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Every 8 seconds a home is burglarized and in 30 percent of the cases someone was at home while in 7 percent of the cases it was violent.
  • Home security services have three connections – the landline, broadband, and cellular – and each of these connection types involves constant monitoring.
  • The landline technology is becoming increasingly out of date and is installed using your phone line, or a phone line that is dedicated for it.

“Multiple studies have found a significant decrease in the likelihood you will be robbed if you have a security system.”

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