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Improving indoor lighting is a great way to change the look of your home. Two types of overhead lighting – recessed lighting and track lighting – are good options. Recessed lighting saves space by installing the lights into the ceiling itself. The lights are less noticeable, but they are fixed and can’t change facing. In addition, recessed lighting is expensive. In comparison, track lighting costs about half as much. The lights are affixed to a track and can change their facing. Two downsides of track lighting is it doesn’t work as well with lower ceilings, and it isn’t sufficient to be a room’s only light source.

Key Takeaways:

  • Updating your indoor lighting is a great way to refresh your home’s look without undergoing an expensive renovation.
  • Recessed lighting is a great choice if you want a clean, unobstructed look.
  • Pendant lighting is a good value and great for high ceilings.

“If you have overhead lighting that leaves certain areas of your house either too dim or too overlit, or you don’t like the space consumption of using older pendant lights, you have several options to change your home’s indoor lighting.”

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