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A high-quality generator can last for many years, but adequate maintenance is still key to its long life. Failures and expensive repairs may still happen, so purchasing a warranty is recommended. Enclosure protecting the generator from moisture is a must in order to prevent electrical failure due to water ingress. Higher gauge cords lower the voltage leading to burn-out prevention and longer life. Even if not needed, generators should be powered up quarterly. Keep the fuel and oil levels high will enable you to use the generator when needed, without costly failure due to low fluid levels.

Key Takeaways:

  • Prevent motor burn out by using heavy duty cords so that the generator uses less voltage.
  • Power up your generator every three months so that you can charge the battery for the electric starter for the generator.
  • Keep your gas tank filled to avoid damage. It’s also important to keep extra oil and filters at the home.

“Depending on whether your generator is a standby model or portable, you’ll want to invest in either a cover or an enclosure.”

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