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There are some things every family should have and a generator is one of those items. If you keep up preventive maintenance and replace any gas you have had in the system for too long., Your generator is invaluable, and it should work for you during an emergency when you need it the most. A powerful generator can power a whole house until power is restored. Portable generators are also a terrific asset when you go camping.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you own a generator, it is crucial to perform preventive maintenance on it.
  • A generator that experiences difficulty starting up is likely not getting the fuel it needs.
  • A dead battery or overheating of the system may result in the generator shutting down when it is most needed.

“When there is a blackout in your home or community, your whole-house generator should be powerful enough to keep everything in the home running until the main power comes back on. At least, this will be the case if your generator was professionally sized for your home and installed correctly.”

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