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There are many things that are important to know about a whole house generator. There are many benefits that come with having own such as convenience, an efficient fuel source and safety. A portable standby generator uses gasoline which releases toxic fumes and carbon monoxide near your home. A whole house generator on the other hand uses natural gas that burns cleanly. Finally, if you are going to own a generator, make sure that you maintain it so it doesn’t break down and you won’t need to replace it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Whole house generators are very safe and efficient as they create a bunch of electricity for a low cost.
  • You want to keep your generator working as long as possible so it’s important to keep it maintained at a high level.
  • Portable generators are cheaper than standby ones but they typically break down faster and use gasoline.

“Whole house generators are standby generators that can hook up to your home’s electrical system while being powered by natural gas.”

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