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These Signs Indicate You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Does your home desperately need an electrical upgrade? Here are some signs that may show you are ready for a revamp. Flickering across large spaces indicate electrical issues. Are some parts of your home warmer than others? These hot spots mean that a current is flowing in the wrong direction and that needs to be corrected as soon as possible. Finally, circuit breakers that guard your home so when they trip it is a sign that it is carrying unsafe limits.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keeping your electrical system up to date and well maintained is critical because of rising demand on home electrical systems and the risk of serious injury from accidents involving these systems.
  • Persistent light flickering issues across multiple appliances can often be an early sign of electrical panel problems that you need to have a pro check out.
  • Circuit breakers provide a critical defense against surges, but if they keep getting tripped repeatedly, it means you’re putting too much strain on the system and need to reduce usage.

“The circuit breakers are there to protect your home from power surges. Whole house surge protection is a great way to add protection on top of this, by the way. In the meantime though, it’s important to ensure the breakers can handle the power going through them.”

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