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Recent natural disasters like hurricanes have made many consider purchasing a generator for their home. Installing a generator is a costly home improvement project. The benefits of a generator are many. A generator will recover its value quickly in just the material goods that are lost due to a power outage. A generator will also maintain security and utilities during a disaster keeping the home safe. There are two basic types of generators: portable and standby. The first is smaller, provides less power, and requires human operation. The second is costlier, permanent, but powers the whole house.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many people don’t realize that a functional, reliable generator can help prevent other forms of catastrophes in the home such as break-ins by keeping surveillance powered on.
  • If you’re looking for a generator to power your entire home, a standby model is a more permanent solution with higher capacity.
  • If you only see yourself requiring partial power in your home during blackouts, portable generators may be the best investment.

“With the recent catastrophes, thousands of residents struggled to regain power in their homes. With unpredictable weather, here are some reasons why having a generator for your home is a worthy investment.”

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