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You can use a generator for some things, but they aren’t efficient for giving electric to the entire house. It might be good for short term things, but if there is a natural disaster where you need to power your whole home for the long term then you will want to have a generator installed by an electrician. Hurricane season is upon us and it is real possibility that the electric in your home could go out, leaving you with no way to run your a/c.

Key Takeaways:

  • Now that hurricane season is ending, winter season is upon us again, you are at risk of long term blackouts.
  • Installing a generator for your whole home is a great way to have back up for your heating system.
  • Portable generators don’t have the power to power your whole home, have an electrician install a whole home one.

“Your HVAC isn’t going to operate so long as the power’s down. . Having an electrician install a whole house generator— instead of a small portable model — means you’ll have reliable heating and AC even in the worst of circumstances.”

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