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Extension cords are very useful for all of your electricity needs, but you should still use them with caution to make sure that everything stays safe. If used wrong, they could even lead to fires in your house. To make sure you are using extension cords properly and safely, you should follow these tips, and use them for temporary purposes only. For example, you should always make sure to keep the cords dry. Read on for more tips.

Key Takeaways:

  • Just because outdoor extension cords are built for rugged wear that should never imply that it is okay to get them wet.
  • Avoid buying off brands. You want to ensure that the cord you buy is safety tested by one of the known certifying agencies.
  • Always take time to check your extension cords for ruptures in the insulation before and after use.

“Extension cords vary in length as well as amperage limits. Make sure that you understand your electrical needs before you attempt to use an extension cord.”

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