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When electricians get calls from people about buzzing in their walls, most likely, the problem is electrical. When you hear buzzing in the walls, it’s important to pinpoint the exact location of the noise. If the sound stems from an outlet or wall switch, a loose connection can be the problem. Since loose wires can cause fires, it’s important to get this problem taken care of. Before calling for help, it’s important to turn off the circuit to the outlet.

Key Takeaways:

  • The majority of time that people hear buzzing in their walls, the problem is electrical.
  • If the source of the buzzing sound is an outlet, or a light switch, the problem could be a loose connection.
  • Loose wires could cause a fire, so this is a problem that needs immediate attention.

“Yes, there are other sources for the buzzing that has nothing to do with the electrical system.”

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