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There are quite a few benefits that come with having a whole house standby generator. A standby generator is a backup power source that is installed permanently on a platform typically found in your backyard. It has two primary components which are an automatic transfer switch and the actual generator. The benefits of a standby generator are simply that it protects the functionality of your home as you won’t lose power nor will your appliances or heating and cooling systems go down during a power outage.

Key Takeaways:

  • A standby generator has an automatic transfer switch and a generator. The transfer switch identifies the outage and the generator feeds the power.
  • Standby generators are great for families that have small children or members that rely on electricity in order to run their medical devices.
  • Standby generators keep your house functioning at all times and keep sump pumps, large appliances and security systems running.

“Standby generators automatically detect an outage within the municipal power grid and subsequently provide seamless backup power to your home for an extended period of time.”

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