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Tamper-Resistant Receptacles prevents little children from getting hospitalized for attempting to insert papers or other tiny objects into electrical outlets in the wall. They help reduce receptacle-related incidents. Despite being relatively newly introduced, tamper-resistant receptacles meet the requirements in locations that adopt the National Electrical Code. The shutters introduced by tamper-resistant receptacles provides a certain amount of protection which prevents a child from inserting an object into any of the openings in a receptacle. Despite the shutters, insertion requirement is not any different from a standard receptacle.

Key Takeaways:

  • In a ten year period it was found that 24,000 children were hospitalized for trying to get into receptacles.
  • The new devices have been around for decades although we have started seeing them in residential buildings recently due to safety standards.
  • The new tamper-resistant receptacles only allow current when two prongs are inserted in both ends.

“Tamper-resistant receptacles are a direct response to statistics of children who tried to do just that and ended up in the hospital.”

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