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Electrical system problems are usually well beyond the ability of your typical home owner to diagnose and repair safely and effectively. One key component of your electrical system is the electrical panel, which links the wiring inside your house to the wires from outside which carry electricity to your home. Electrical panels can have several different configurations, including main breaker panels and main lug panels, which switch off electricity from inside and outside your building, respectively. Most panels last at least 25 years, depending on your exact situation.

Key Takeaways:

  • If the reader’s home still has a fuse box, the reader should consider upgrading to an electrical panel with circuit breakers.
  • If the reader’s home is older than twenty or thirty years, they should consider getting a new electrical panel, to better support modern electrical needs.
  • Replacing your electrical panel can be done by the homeowner, but obtaining a permit to do so is necessary.

“Even when you shut off the main breaker, the lugs still carry live electricity.”

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