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If the power were to go out and you weren’t expecting it, a back up generator can save you. If your power goes out, then intruders might think your home is an easy target, because it looks like nobody is home from the outside. Another thing, is it automatically switches on after a power outage, because it is built to recognize those things. It is also much safer because it is stored outside where there is no risk of breathing in fumes that are harmful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Since standby generators operate automatically, the system will detect when what’s going on, and the power the home with propane or natural gas.
  • Standby generators typically have standby switches which allow professionals to work on the systems safely with minimal risk.
  • Portable generators are unable to power entire houses due to their limited power supply, whereas standby generators can restore power to the entire household.

“A loss of power can even be a health and safety issue if someone in your home has electrically powered medical equipment. Plus, when your home is enveloped in darkness, intruders can easily gain access unseen.”

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