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PlugTail ROI: Four Ways it Will Save You Time and Money–Now and in the Future

More and more businesses are utilizing the PlugTail™ brand in order to cut down on labor costs while providing their staff and customers with modern and user-friendly outlet options. The codes within the PlugTail™ system are easy to change when important updates are available. Due to the absence of stripping or taping needs, the installation process is much less than traditional options, and there is also no need for a caddy to be present. This saves tremendously on overall costs.

Key Takeaways:

  • PlugTail™ saves on labor costs due to not needing stripping or taping.
  • Those who choose PlugTail™ as their outlet option also do not have to worry about a wiring caddy.
  • Codes can be easily updated within the PlugTail™ system in order to keep it current.

“From fast and simple installation to its future-ready design, PlugTail™ from Legrand offers smart solutions to ensure code compliance and flexibility as space use and technology evolves.”

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