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There are different power saving scenarios in terms of supplying power to your house. The historical process of supplying power is not relevant or reliable in today’s modern age of trying to be green and safe to the environment. While looking at new options to power a modern day home, certain factors have to be taken into consideration, including the climate of the area which the home is located in. Ultimately, there are more efficient ways for power in the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Through multiple demonstrations, the company will look at different sources of clean energy when it comes to powering a home
  • Standard ways of powering a home do not allow for the same reliability that should be present in modern homes.
  • Ways of powering a home can differ in a variety of ways, including the region where a home is located.

“Through a technology demonstration project, PG&E will explore the viability of a clean energy system powering a home in the case of a power outage or during a demand response event.”

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