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Incandescent bulbs may need replacement after a year, while LED bulbs should last much longer. If your bulbs are burning out more quickly, it may be a sign of electrical system troubles. One cause of bulb burnout is using bulbs of the wrong wattage. Another is loose connections or corroded contacts. If this is the case, don’t try to fix it yourself. Instead, call an electrician. Another possible problem is bulbs in recessed fixtures overheating due to insulation. The biggest problem, however, could be that the voltage in your house is too high, perhaps due to an outdated electrical panel or outdated wiring. This requires the attention of a professional electrician.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use the correct wattage for a lightbulb, otherwise it will burn out quickly.
  • Corroded contacts may be the cause of flickering, in which case an electrician should be called.
  • Attic insulation can cause bulbs in recessed fixtures to overheat and malfunction.

“If your entire house has troubles with bulbs burning out too early, it’s a major warning sign that the voltage in the house is too high.”

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