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Mono-Si and Multi-Si Market Conditions Become Different, with Booming Growth for the Former and Sluggish Performance for the Latter: Price Trend

The market for solar cells is increasing as more industries and individuals are becoming interested in the energy saving and cost-efficiency of solar panels. So trends in the Mono Si and Multi Si market are reflecting this as there is now what is known in the industry as a season of ‘rush’ installation. Although crystalline silicon is the dominant ingredient of solar panels the variants are not equal, as one type multi-si uses a host of crystals, while the mono-si variant uses a single continuous crystal.

Lately the industry has fallen victim to an unstable supply of si-wafer. This has negatively impacted multi-si production, making it less feasible except for those manufacturers in a position to take a reduction in price in stride. This does not bode well for smaller manufacturers, who could feel the pinch and even be edged out. Because of the above-noted conditions, multi-si orders are backlogged. Mono-si wafer price remains stable although the demand has been augmented of late. Multi-si sales are, however, lackluster.

Key Takeaways:

  • Polysilicon manufacturers have recently accomplished an overhaul, but orders remain backlogged by a good month.
  • The price of mono-sci wafer has remained stable, yet the demand has increased dramatically.
  • Demand for high quality mono-sci wafer is at a dramatic high, propelling first-tier manufacturers to reach their full capacity to fulfill the market need.

“Under the impact of unstable supply of si-wafer, multi-si PV cell’s momentum can only drive a small number of first-tier manufacturers who have room for price reduction.”

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