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There is a lot of growth that is available for these particular markets. Mono-si markets are ones that are a bit more volatile than others. Experts have a hard time predicting where they are going to go because it is not as cyclical as certain markets that are out there. If there is one thing that is for certain, people agree that there is a lot of room for growth in this space while not so much for multi-si markets.

Key Takeaways:

  • In April, almost half of the capacity was covered by the top three manufacturers, Zhongneng, TBEA Xinjiang Sunoasis and DAQO.
  • The demand for mono-si PV has grown while there is less demand for the multi-si PV cell.
  • There is a continuous supply for first-tier manufacturers, but the future of small and medium-sized manufacturers is less secure.

“Under the impact of unstable supply of si-wafer, multi-si PV cell’s momentum can only drive a small number of first-tier manufacturers who have room for price reduction.”

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