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There are many reasons why an electrical panel might need to be replaced. The panel may just be outdated, or there may have been problems with the original installation, which make replacement necessary. Replacing an electrical panel is dangerous, and should only be handled by a professional. A circuit breaker is different from a fuse, in that a circuit breaker will trip in order to cut off the power. It can be reset by flipping it back to on. A blown fuse needs to be completely replaced.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are a large number of people who need new electrical panels – some from just being old, and some from being improperly placed originally.
  • The purpose of a circuit breaker is to maintain safety, in the event of something like a short circuit.
  • When a circuit breaker works properly, it can prevent a fire in your home that would have been caused by too much voltage.

“Today we want to look in more depth at the circuit breakers in your electrical panels.”

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