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Julie Copeland in her article, “Lock out/Tag out (LOTO) saves lives”, argues that implementing LOTO procedures on equipment at the workplace could prevent employee injuries and save lives. She states that machines build up hazardous energy which can be trapped in a machine when it stops or is turned off. This hazardous energy can automatically turn on the machine, thereby making it dangerous to employees who work on them. In fact, recently, a Kraft Heinz employee suffered a partial finger amputation while clearing a machine jam. She says that 10% of serious accidents in many industries is due to the failure to control hazardous energy in machines. Further, she elaborates on ways injuries due to hazardous energy can be avoided which include a company implementing energy control policies that include OSHA guidelines as well as training of employees on machine-specific procedures.

Key Takeaways:

  • Try to establish a proper lockout tag problem for the benefit of employees. These employees can understand how it operates in the workplace.
  • The program can actually save lives when used effectively at work. Employees should get familiar with the basic mechanics that they see.
  • Reduce injuries and make safety a priority for everyone that gets involved. People are sure to be wowed by the lock out tag out program.

“Establishing a proper lockout tagout program and ensuring your employees understand how to operate it can reduce injuries and save lives.”

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