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Lightning involves an electrical discharge which resolves an imbalance between the charges of the clouds and the ground. You’re always safest from lightning inside a fully-enclosed building of reasonably substantial size, since the plumbing and electrical systems of the building will redistribute the energy from any lightning strike away from the people inside. Avoid using devices plugged into the building’s electrical system, or running water during the storm, as electricity can travel through wires or water into a person using them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lightning can travel through headphones, telephone lines, and electrical appliance so avoid using them during a storm.
  • You want to be in an enclosed indoor space during a lightning storm, as there are no safe spaces outdoors.
  • Stay away from bodies of water or anything made of metal, such as fencing or golf clubs.

“By understanding proper lightning storm safety, no one needs to worry about thunderstorm hazards.”

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