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Proper storm protection can allow you to prevent a lot of property damage, and even physical injury. During a lightning storm, try to avoid contact with plumbing and electrical systems and water, and be cognizant of where there might be flammable building materials used in the structure. Air terminals can attract and redirect lightning strikes into the ground. Down conductors help guide lightning out of the air rod and towards a safe destination. Surge protectors help to prevent lightning from damaging electrical systems and electronics.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you place an air terminal on top of a building, it will attract lightning and draw it safely to the ground.
  • Surge protector strips are widely available and will protect your electronics from being damaged.
  • Although they are costly, a whole house surge protector may be the best solution if your home or business is at a high risk for lightning strikes.

“The cost of replacing electronics or dealing with a house fire after a sudden severe lightning strike is enough inspiration to acquire proper storm protection.”

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