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Electricity-related home accidents kill 70 people and injure hundreds of thousands more every year, so it’s worth it to engage reputable, licensed professional electricians to make sure your home’s electrical systems are safe and well-maintained. Extension cords can be particularly hazardous if used incorrectly. Don’t ever run extension cords through ceilings, walls, or floors, and don’t make the mistake of treating them as a substitute for permanent wiring! Likewise, don’t join multiple extension cords together or try to modify their plugs!

Key Takeaways:

  • People today have more electrical appliances in their homes, which increases the chance of fire.
  • Your home’s electrical panel requires regular maintenance and should be inspected regularly.
  • Extension cords can cause fires or deadly electrical shocks, so be careful about how and where they are used in your home.

“It is important that you are protected from not getting victimized by electrical fires by seeing to it that your electrical connection at home is well checked and maintained.”

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