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Many people do not give too much thought to their thermostats and may need to learn a thing or two. Thermostats are the brain to the furnace or air conditioner. Problems with thermostats are not always malfunctions are having no conditioned air, blower fan will not start or stop running, uneven hot or cold air, or short cycling. Short cycling is when the component shuts off before completing a full cycle. In any case, call a professional to help assist with the problem.

Key Takeaways:

  • If your unit is short-cycling by not completing its full cycle each time it turns on, then this may signify that there is a thermostat issue.
  • If air coming from your unit’s vents is not as hot or cool as it should be, then this is an indicator of a thermostat issue.
  • A home’s comfort also depends on a thermostat because it provides even heating and cooling throughout the home.

“What homeowners don’t always realize is that even the smallest thermostat malfunction can create multiple issues for a furnace or air conditioner, leading to a drop in efficiency, a subsequent rise in electrical bills, and even potentially a broken down HVAC system.”

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