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There comes a question that many who are unfamiliar with electricity if they could hear or feel electricity as it mostly seems invisible. We often hear something when around appliances or electrical equipment that could be described as a hum or buzz. This is a by-product of electricity related to its magnetic field. There is also the buzz heard around power lines especially during the summer. This has to do with the intensity of the flow of electricity. While electrical sounds are mostly normal during operation, one should seek professional help if they hear sizzling or crackling as this could be a serious problem.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many people think that they can hear electricity, which often sounds like a buzzing.
  • The hum we hear is actually a side-effect of the magnetic fields made by AC current.
  • If you hear sounds that are louder than usual, you should turn the device off and call in an expert.

“The noise from overhead power lines typically comes from corona discharge, which occurs when the air around the power line is ionized.”

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