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There are around 25,000 home electrical fires in the United States each year, and most are preventable. There are several steps to take to prevent these fires. First, electrical outlets are only made to withstand so much power, so do not overload them. Secondly, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets should be used around areas in the house with exposure to water. Third, flammable objects, like furniture, should be a safe distance away from outlets. Fourth, it is important to unplug devices and other appliances when they are not being used. Fifth, getting rid of outdated appliances can reduce the risk. Sixth, it is a good idea to avoid space heaters. Lastly, it is begin scheduling electrical safety inspections on a regular basis.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are usually around 25,000 electrical home fires each year in the United States, and most are preventable.
  • Most outlets were only designed to withstand a certain amount of power, so it is important to not overload them.
  • Furniture, decorations, and boxes should not be near outlets because they are flammable and could start a fire.

“Make sure your surge protectors have an internal circuit breaker that will cut power if it senses problems. If your family simply has too many gadgets that need plugging in at once, it’s probably time to install new outlets and wiring.”

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