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There are quite a few things that people can do to keep their wires organized and prevent them from getting tangled. First you can look online and purchase a cable management kit that helps keep all of your wires tidy. You also could go online and search for a do it yourself tutorial on how to make a management tool for your wires. Labeling your wires can be beneficial as they tend to look similar and this makes us have to try out each one when we need to track something. Finally, to store your wires you can use toilet rolls to keep them from tangling up.

Key Takeaways:

  • Take a look online for some great cable management kits that come complete with storage boxes, cable clips, cable holders, cable sleeves etc.
  • There are many DIY tutorials on the internet to help you make your own cable management tools like homemade charging stations and cable sleeves.
  • Plugging extension cords into each other is highly dangerous and could lead to an electric accident or fire if you accidentally overload your sockets.

“Tangled wires are not just notoriously difficult to manage, they can also be very dangerous and electrically unsafe”

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