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You may realize that your air conditioner is a perfect breeding ground for mold, but how do you take care of it? It’s actually pretty simple. Probably the most important thing to remember is to have the proper protective equipment to prevent any illness from potential mold. Once you are gloved and masked up, the first step is to remove the front grill of the unit and either replace or wash the filter. Then, remove the metal cover behind the filter and vacuum and wash the area behind it with a solution of bleach, dish soap, and water. Not only does this maintenance prevent mold growing and causing illness, but it will also help prolong the life and electrical efficiency of your unit.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many persons have likely seen mold in a piece of bread or on rotten cheese but they might be surprised to know that mold can grow in air conditioners.
  • When one realizes that air conditioners are in use when the temperature is high or hot, he would see that those conditions call for the growth of mold.
  • Some of the tools and supplies that one needs to remove mold from the air conditioner include soap, gloves, a face mask, and a scrub brush.

“Let the unit dry completely before reinstalling the parts and you should be good to go! Enjoy that fresh, clean, cool air!”

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