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A forced air system is a type of HVAC system which works by forcing heated air up into your home through vents and ducts throughout your home. These systems can feature thermostats or heat pumps, and they also serve to filter allergens out of the air in your home. Forced air HVAC systems are very flexible, versatile and efficient. Their most significant drawback is that they are also fairly maintenance-intensive, and need annual cleaning and care to stop them from wasting energy and pressing dust throughout your home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Forced air systems, which can use either heat pumps or thermostats, work by pushing warm air through ducts and vents throughout your home.
  • Forced air systems tend to be flexible and efficient, and they have the advantage of making the air cleaner and fresher as well.
  • Forced air systems do require regular cleaning and maintenance to stop them from malfunctioning or spreading dust throughout the house.

“A forced air system is the most common type of system used in American homes, but does that mean it’s right for you?”

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