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GFCI is a type of electrical outlet that has a breaker built into it that will shut off if it detects a problem such as a fault in the ground or a short. You will typically see these outlets in a bathroom or in a kitchen as water is present in those rooms. To test your outlet, all you have to do is press the test button. If the device shuts off after hitting test, it’s working properly. If you are ever having issues with your outlet, make sure to call a professional electrician to prevent damage or injury.

Key Takeaways:

  • A GFCI is an outlet that has a built in breaker that will shut off if it detects that something is going wrong such as a short or a fault.
  • GFCIs are typically found in the kitchen and in the bathroom as water is present there and that means extra protection is needed.
  • Before you get into any electrical work, understand that it is extremely dangerous and it is best to just call an electrician.

“The challenge is determining if only the outlet is faulty and must be replaced, or if it’s working properly and there is another problem that must be resolved.”

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