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While not as effective as air conditioning systems, fans can be useful in cooling a room. Unlike other types of fans, ceiling fans don’t take up floor or desk space and can enhance a room’s decor. Ceiling fans consume far less energy than air conditioning (about 750 watts per hour versus 2,900-4,500). The blades of a ceiling fan can rotate in either direction. You want them spinning counterclockwise when the weather is hot. Also note that fans don’t actually cool the air, but work by creating air currents. It therefore makes no sense to run them in empty rooms. The Department of Energy recommends increasing the thermostat by 4°F while fans are running. It is also recommended to hire a professional when installing a ceiling fan.

Key Takeaways:

  • Even though ceiling fans aren’t quite as effective as ACs, they can still help beat the heat.
  • Fans use much less electricity than AC, so if it’s not too hot use a fan to cool down and save.
  • You should make sure your fan is oriented correctly and only run it when you’re in the room for best results.

“Ceiling fans not only blow air around, but they also create better circulation of air throughout a large space.”

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