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In summer, electricity bills increase due to air conditioning and other factors. One way to save money is to turn down the thermostat setting. For example, set it to 78F during the day and don’t turn on air conditioning unless it’s more than 80F outside. However, when on vacation, don’t turn off the AC entirely because the house could overheat. Instead, set it at 88F. Another energy-saving idea is to wait until sundown to use the oven or laundry machine. In addition, make use of ceiling fans, candlelight and shades or curtains. Finally, while it’s not an energy-savings tip, consider installing a whole-house generator to use when power outages occur.

Key Takeaways:

  • Electric bills go up in the summer because of the use of air conditioning.
  • A good setting for the air conditioner in order to save money on electricity is 78 degrees.
  • In order to save on electricity, it’s better to use appliances that get hotter in the evening.

“Summer can be a great time, but it’s also a period when electrical bills start to rise as air conditioning systems turn on and begin grinding away to keep away the heat.”

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