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An overwhelming amount of fires in homes, and millions of dollars in damage have been caused by electrical problems. Failed wiring, and faulty appliance installation fires accounts for over a billion dollars in property damage annually in the U.S. alone. By taking certain steps and being proactive, families and homes can be safer from the risks of electrical fire damage. Maintaining cords, checking for exposed wires, and securing bulbs and switches can greatly reduce the probability of fires breaking out in the home.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to data collected by the NFPA, in 2010 alone, there were approximately 46,500 house fires in the U.S. caused by electrical problems.
  • Check all plugs, cords, and surge protectors regularly and replace anything defective immediately.
  • Do not use surge protectors when plugging in major appliances, such as your washer and dryer or refrigerator.

“You already practice fire safety, but fire prevention is the best way to protect your family – and that starts with ensuring that your electrical systems and appliances are functioning properly and safely.”

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