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The statistics say that about more than 51,000 fires every year are caused by home electrical installations. And that accounts for more than 500 deaths, 4,100 injuries and about $1.3 billion in damages to home property. This is a major disaster and many people need to be taking the statistics very seriously. That is why many people should try to be familiar with home electrical fires and have a plan that they would have to follow in case there is one. It should be noted that there are several ways that electrical fires can start in a home and this might include overheating of appliances because their wires are worn or damaged, along with wiring systems in homes that have become outdated. Faults due to arcing has been found to cause about 28,000 fires in homes last year and hundreds of people are killed or injured in the process. One therefore needs to create an evacuation plan. The first line of defense against home fires is to have smoke detectors installed in every part of the building and in every level. But one should not be relaxed and satisfied when this is installed. It is important also that an evacuation plan is created and one should go over it regularly with members of his family in case of the outbreak of fires.

Key Takeaways:

    • Nearly 51,000 of the fires occurring regularly on annual basis are electrical in nature.
    • These same fires account for about 1.3 billion dollars worth of annual property damage.
    • These electrical fires are often the result of overheated outlets, or chargers, or using malfunctioning devices.

“The first line of defense against home fires is having smoke detectors installed on every level of the house.”

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