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Do I Really Need to Hardwire My Fire Alarm?

We’ve all been met with that dreaded beeping noise alerting us that our fire alarm has ran out of battery life. This sound may be quite irritating to listen to, but it’s even more dangerous when it isn’t addressed. By hardwiring your fire alarm into your home’s electrical system, you will no longer have to rely on replacing batteries every few months in order to know that you and your family are safe from harm’s way.

Key Takeaways:

  • When fire alarms are not hardwired into your electrical system, it could be dangerous due to the batteries dying unnoticed.
  • Hardwiring gives most families peace of mind knowing that they do not have to constantly change batteries.
  • These particular alarms are built to detect heat and smoke, instead of just the fumes alone.

“No matter what type of fire alarm you choose to have installed in your home, hardwiring it to your electrical system is a wise decision.”

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