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Whole-house generators are becoming an important part of keeping families safe and comfortable. It allows for piece of mind in rolling blackouts and planned blackouts. In order to plan for a generator system you will need to consider a few items. Firstly, make a list of the most critical appliances in your home that you would need to continue functioning. Typically heaters and air conditioners top the list, followed by any required medical equipment. Fuel type is another factor when purchasing. There are diesel, gas, natural gas, and liquid propane models. If you don’t already have a natural gas connection, usually liquid propane is the next best thing. The installation will require a large enough outside space for the unit. It will need to be close to the electrical panel. Contact a local specialist to find out what options you may have.

Key Takeaways:

  • Whole house generators have been really important in Andover in keeping homes comfortable and safe with the extremes of weather witnessed recently.
  • The author suggests that those who intend installing a whole house generator can do so with their help because they are experts in doing it.
  • For the occasion where the power goes out, people should be considering what needs power the most in their homes at this time of the year.

“Whether we’re dealing with a sudden rolling blackout of a planned blackout, we need the peace of mind as residents of Andover that we can stay protected in our home.”

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