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Discover the Power of Fans before Summer Hits

The summer months are steadily approaching, and most of us are preparing for the hot weather to come. When we envision fans, we typically only think of small area fans that blow air in a small section of the home. Attic fans, however, are a way to create an entire cooling system in your home by keeping the hot air out of your whole household, while bringing new, cool air inside. Not only is it much more convenient, but your cooling costs should decrease as a result.

Key Takeaways:

  • Since heat rises and then redistributes, an attic fan will stop the problem in its tracks before it reaches the bottom levels of your home.
  • Attic fans have the ability to provide you with an entire cooling system, while ceiling fans only cool down the space they are in.
  • Even if you choose to keep your central cooling system, an attic fan can still reduce the strain.

“A whole-house attic fan is a ventilation cooling system that cools your entire home by venting hot air out of the home and bringing cool air in.”

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