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When choosing a career of an electrician or when you make a decision to hire one, it is important to understand the differences between specialties. Electricians working on residential installations are quite different by trade than either industrial or commercial electricians. They typically follow procedures that are different, work with different tools and consider electric loads that vary widely. Hiring a residential electrician for a commercial job, or vice versa, can cause more problems than benefits. When choosing a career, consider the factors like work environment before you decide on your specialty.

Key Takeaways:

  • Students are instructed in the professional skills and knowledge they’ll need to enter the workforce as residential, commercial or industrial electricians.
  • Make sure you are informed of the differences so you know which type of electrician you need for the task at hand.
  • While each works with electricity, the training for the various types of electrician will follow slightly different paths.

“If you’re looking into the electrical trades for a career choice, make sure the school you choose prepares you for the specialization you want.”

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