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We tend to take our home electrical systems for granted. However, such complex systems don’t always run perfectly. Some types of problems are more common than others. Flickering lights can be caused by short power surges or frayed wires. They require attention from an electrician. If a breaker is tripping regularly, that’s a sign that aging circuits need replacement. In some cases, the entire electrical panel needs replacing. Outlet failure and bad wiring can cause fires, so call a professional in either case.

Key Takeaways:

  • Flickering lights are caused by short power surges or frayed wires; they require professional attention.
  • An occasionally tripped breaker is normal, but regular occurrences may be a sign of aging circuits.
  • A circuit breaker panel may need replacement, and a fuse box should definitely be upgraded.

“The electrical system in a house is something most of us take for granted. Flip a switch, the lights come on. Plug in the toaster and it works. Put your phone in a recharging station and its battery powers up.”

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