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If you have an outdated electrical panel or still have a fuse box, then installing a new electrical panel makes sense. But you shouldn’t do it yourself. The electrical panel is where electricity from the grid is divided up to various circuits in the home. In many places, it is illegal to install an electrical panel without a license or permit. The issue is safety. Even if disconnected at the main breaker, the panel will remain live in parts. Instead of doing the work yourself, hire a licensed electrician.

Key Takeaways:

  • The electrical panel divides the power in your home and shuts off power when an overland happens.
  • It may be illegal for you to replace your electrical panel, or it may make your house uninsurable..
  • Replacing the panel is dangerous and should be left to licensed electricians.

“Great—replacing your electrical panel is almost certainly beneficial, and could even prevent a house fire.”

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