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An electrician is an important component to doing a renovation or new construction. A properly trained Master Electrician will have years of experienced and be licensed. Second to the Master Electrician is the Journeyman Electrician who is licensed but has limitations on design abilities. Licensing helps identify quality electricians, and often general contractors will have several trusted electricians. When hiring an electrician it often helps to seek referrals and ask to see credentials. Judging an electricians workmanship is a must as well. Work should be neat and orderly. It helps to work with your electrician throughout the project on switch local, lighting, fixtures details, and power capacity requirements to get the best results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Electricians are usually specialized in a specific area. Some focus on newer construction, others on dead outlets.
  • You can hire an electrician to help you with a remodeling project as you will need to set up specific light fixtures and outlets.
  • There are many reasons to hire an electrician such as faulty wiring and lights that flicker.

“A master electrician has passed a standardized test and has at least two years of experience under his belt. He knows the National Electrical Code and any modifications that your state has made to it. He is qualified to plan, design, install and maintain an electrical system for your project”

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