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Conventional thermometers may still be highly accurate, but they often come equipped with small typography that is hard to decipher, especially if you’re suffering from any form of vision loss. There are now thermostats that are available in large formats, offering a more user-friendly interface with larger fonts. These also usually come with larger buttons so that programming the thermometer is much easier when compared to the smaller controls associated with traditional thermometers. They also come with LED screens which will illuminate upon use.

Key Takeaways:

  • A large format thermostat generally has a large screen, making it ideal for seniors with vision deficits.
  • Look for a thermostat that uses LED lights for an even better solution for tired, aging eyes.
  • Some thermostats can even be paired to an app on your mobile device, making it especially user-friendly.

“Lots of older models come standard with very small fonts or numbers, dials that don’t turn properly or settings that are extremely difficult to navigate.”

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