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It is cost saving to install a Home Standby Generator in a home at the time of construction. Apart from an installation during construction being enticing as a value-added package, having a generator installed gives the homeowner less to worry about as regarding energy supply for running electrical appliances in the home. Installation during construction is cleaner, faster, and generally looks more appealing both in terms of how much it will cost as well as the final appearance when compared to a retrofit situation.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s much more efficient to install your generator while the house is being built because changing things later require modifying parts and takes more time.
  • A permanent generator is recommended over portable generators because they are safer and easier to access in emergencies.
  • A generator that is permanently installed will bring your power back in seconds in an unfortunate situation without the setup and hassle of portable generators.

“Installing a Generac Home Standby Generator during the construction process results in significant savings for the homeowner.”

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