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Having a home generator can be very beneficial in times of need. For example, a backup generator can power a house for days after a blackout. These generators act as an insurance policy and gives comfort to homeowners that have them installed. The benefits of having a propane/natural gas generator is that they are affordable and they don’t go bad over time. The next time you experience a blackout, you’ll want a generator. While they are expensive, they definitely come in handy.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you require electricity to power medical equipment or you work at home, you should strongly consider investing in a backup generator.
  • A benefit of propane-powered standby generators is that liquid propane can be stored in a tank on the premises.
  • If your home isn’t located on the city grid, it may be cost prohibitive to extend natural gas lines to your home.

“residential backup generators offer homeowners peace of mind during unexpected power blackouts by providing a continuous flow of power.”

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