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Flameless cooking involves two different forms of stovetops: induction units and electric units. Both of these flameless options provide a much safer cooking option for those who have children or elderly family members, since the risk of injury drastically decreases without a physical flame. These flameless cooktops are not only safer, but they are highly energy efficient. In fact, it was shown that induction units provide food with 90% of the heat it produces, as opposed to the 40-50% that it gets with traditional gas stoves.

Key Takeaways:

  • The two forms of flameless cooktops are induction and electric. Induction works through the induction of various cooking vessels, while electric cooktops work through an electrical heating unit.
  • Using an induction cooktop provides the food with 90% of heat as opposed to the 40-50% it receives through gas stoves.
  • The risk of grease fires naturally reduces with flameless cooking, as well as the absence of gas leaks.

“For starters, a flameless stove may make the most sense if you are living with elderly family members or young children.”

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